Demonstrations at Aligarh Muslim University supporting hijab

Editorial comment

What is wrong if some say that, those who want to wear hijab instead of the uniform in schools/colleges may go to Afghanistan ?

New Delhi – The hijab issue in Karnataka is echoing all over the country. Students in Aligarh Muslim University have staged demonstrations in support of the hijab. Demonstrators argued that wearing the hijab is the right of Muslim women, nobody can deny it. In order to avoid any untoward incident the Police were deployed.

1. In Jaipur in Rajasthan, Kasturidevi College in Chaksu here girl students came wearing hijab and burqa. They were stopped at the entrance only and were asked to come wearing the uniform. This generated arguments. The girls called their parents, but they were not allowed to enter the college premises. Getting this information, the Police came immediately and intervened to stop the arguments.

2. 2. RFA – Dogra front activists demonstrated against wearing hijab. They demanded that educational institutions should not be made a political arena; no permission should be granted for wearing hijab or saffron shawl in schools-colleges.