Hijab is not an essential part of Islam unlike the Turban : Governor of Kerala Arif Mohammad Khan

The demand for hijab is part of a conspiracy

New Delhi –

Against the backdrop of a raging controversy over the ban on Hijab in some education institutions in Karnataka, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said the Hijab is not intrinsic to the practice of Islam.

He stated that the argument that Sikhs are allowed to wear turbans while Muslim women are being banned from wearing Hijabs in some colleges and schools is ‘preposterous’.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan further said,

  1. “In Sikhism, the turban is considered and accepted as essential to the religion. On the other hand, Hijab in the context of women’s dress finds no mention in the Quran”, he said.
  2. He alleged that ‘vested interests’ were instigating young Muslim women to protest for their right to wear Hijab. These ‘vested interests’ want to ‘push Muslim women back into the dark ages’. “Don’t be instigated by outsiders, focus on your studies”, he advised the students.
  3. “They (protesting Muslim women) are being used by those who will do anything to divide society and embarrass the Government. These people are following the legacy of the Muslim League. How long will be engaged in these useless non-issues ?” said the Governor.
  4. Responding to Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai’s vocal critique of the ban on Hijab in educational institutes in Karnataka, he said, “She may be misinformed. She doesn’t realise that if this argument is accepted, Muslim women will suffer most”.
  5. He went on to say that Islam harbours the mentality ‘to keep women suppressed’.

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