Religious fanatics attack Hindu youth’s house for posting about hijab on social media

Hindu youth and his aged mother beaten up

Editorial Comments

  • Even after Hindu Deities and scriptures are denigrated do Hindus ever take law in their hands and indulge in such attacks ? Yet, Hindus are considered ‘Taliban’, realise that secularists in the country take a Gandhian stance against the attackers, the actual ‘Taliban’.
  • How can Hindus be so insecure in Karnataka when there is a BJP rule in the State ? Hindus feel the Government should take strict action against these religious fanatics.
  • At such times, freedom of expression seems to have vanished !
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Davangere (Karnataka) – A 25-year-old youth from Nallur village in Karnataka was attacked and his house wrecked by religious fanatics after he posted something regarding the hijab on social media. His 60-year-old mother was also beaten up. The incident has been captured on CCTV. Naveen and his mother have been admitted to a hospital in Shivamogga and are under treatment for sustained injuries. Local MLAs and the Police went to the village and appealed for peace.

(Instead of making such an appeal, it is necessary to take the initiative for timely action against the attacking religious fanatics. – Editor)

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