Rent of Rs. 12 lakhs 69 thousand of the Congress Central office not paid !

The rent of Sonia Gandhi’s residence also not paid !

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Why has the Central Government not taken any action on the party which has not paid the rent of lakhs of rupees ? They are answerable to the public on this matter. Could a common man keep a rent of such a large amount unpaid ? The administration would have kicked him out long ago !

New Delhi – In reply to an RTI filed by activist Sujit Patel, it has been revealed that rent of Rs. 12,69,902 for the Congress Central office on the Akbar road is not paid. The last rent was paid in December 2012. Similarly, it has also been revealed that the rent of Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s residence along with the rent of the Govt residence of some other Congress leaders is also not paid. This information is given by the Union Ministry of Housing and the Urban Development Ministry.

1.    The rent of 4,610 rupees of Sonia Gandhi’s residence on the ’10 Janpath road’ is unpaid. The last rent was paid in December 2020.

2.    The pending rent of the residence of Sonia Gandhi’s Secretary at Chanakyapuri is Rs. 5,07,911. The last rent of this place was paid in August 2013.

3.    In June 2010, the place of the ‘A rose Avenue’ was given to Congress for building the party’s office. Congress was supposed to leave the office on Akbar Road in 2013 itself but they constantly asked for an extension of the lease.

Relief funds will be raised under the name of Sonia Gandhi ! – BJP

The BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga has alleged that due to the defeat in the elections, Sonia Gandhi couldn’t do any scams. Hence, she could not pay the rent of these places. It is said that a new trend of ‘Sonia Gandhi Relief Fund’ has been started and Rs. 10 has been deposited in it as well.

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