Provide security to Suresh Chavhanke, the Editor of ‘Sudarshan TV’

Demand by BJP MP in the Rajya Sabha in view of the conspiracy to kill Suresh Chavhanke and devout Hindus

Editorial comments

  • Religious fanatics conspire to kill devout Hindus and carry out the killing also, which is really shameful for Hindus.
  • Despite having a Hindu majority in India, devout Hindus need security and have to demand it is shameful for Hindus.
  • Does any religious fanatic leader need security to live ? Will those who label Hindus as ‘intolerant’, ‘Talibani’, ‘Saffron terrorists’, respond to this ?

New Delhi – BJP MP Kailash Soni demanded in the  Rajya Sabha, security for Suresh Chavhanke, the Editor of ‘Sudarshan TV’. He was speaking about fanatics murdering Kishan Boliya in Gujarat. Maulana Shabbir had told the accused to kill Kishan; it is being exposed that he had also told to kill 11 other Hindus. These 11 include Suresh Chavhanke, Mahant Yati Narsimhanand of a temple in Dasna, UP, BS Patel, Pankaj Sharna, Pushpendra Kulashreshtha, Mahendrapal Arya, Rahul Sharma, Radheshyam Acharya, Upadesh Rana, Upasana Arya, and the former officer of RAW RSN Singh.

Soni said further that during the inquiry, Maulana Shabbir confessed that by killing Kishan they had intended to generate anarchy by spreading religious tension in the country. They had tried to generate anarchy on the background of the elections in the 5 States in the country.

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