Religious fanatic girl in hijab insults a professor at Udupi calling her ‘bullshit’ !

Editorial comments

  • Will the hijab supporters, secularists or progressives like to say anything on this matter ?
  • How cultured this girl wearing hijab is can be judged easily based on her use of words ! It won’t be a wonder if these girls in hijab carry out any jihadi activities in the future !

Udupi (Karnataka) – The conflicts on the issue of wearing hijab in schools/colleges are increasing in Karnataka. In the M. Gandhi college in Karnataka, a video has become viral in which a girl wearing Hijab is seen insulting a professor, who is instructing everyone to maintain silence, yelling out, “Bullshit, don’t touch me !” The name of this professor is Nayna. She was trying to explain the girl in hijab. This insult of the professor is strongly protested on social media.

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