Supreme Court’s refusal to conduct immediate hearing on the issue of hijab in Karnataka

Let the hearing be held in the Karnataka High Court – Supreme Court

New Delhi – The petition demanding an immediate hearing on the handing over of the petition related to the Karnataka hijab issue by the Karnataka High Court to the Supreme Court was declined by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court stated, ‘Why should the Supreme Court intervene when this issue is already awaiting the hearing in the Karnataka High Court ?’ Kapil Sibbal of Congress has filed this petition. Supreme Court observed that ‘Karnataka High Court only might satisfy you, let the hearing be held there.’ The Supreme Court has refused to give a date for the next hearing of the petition.

While arguing Kabil Sibbal said that the exams were approaching in 2 months and the girls were not allowed to attend the school. They had to suffer stone-pelting. This issue was like that religious issue, where the division Bench comprised of 9 judges held the hearing of the issue related to the ban on the entry of women in the age group 10 – 55 in the Sabarimala temple. Currently, the Division Bench of 3 judges is conducting the hearing of the hijab issue.

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