Religious fanatics from Hyderabad travel to Udupi, Karnataka to help local fanatics in a row over hijab !

Editorial comments

  • The demand to enter college wearing hijab is just an excuse, the actual motive of the religious fanatics is to create chaos in Karnataka !
  • How many Hindus go to help fellow Hindus  ?

Udupi (Karnataka) – For the last few days in Kundapur, religious fanatic students have been demanding entry into colleges wearing hijab. There is a lot of confusion at the place right now. Amid this, the religious fanatics from Hyderabad have also arrived. As a result, the situation is unlikely to return to normal.

Some fanatics from Hyderabad, led by a youth named Salman, have accused the State Government of discrimination against Muslims. ‘Our sentiments should be respected as the Government schools and colleges are running on the tax money we pay. (Hindus pay more taxes than religious fanatics. Hence, Hindus should demand to stop spending on religious fanatics from their tax money. – Editor) ‘We are ready to go to the Supreme Court for the right to wear hijab’, he said.

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