‘Our govt is coming, we will take revenge against each one of you’: SP leader Adil Chaudhary threatens

Editorial comment

  • Hindus expect such leaders to be immediately charged and imprisoned as well as strict action to be taken on them by filing a lawsuit by the BJP Government !
  • The Election Commission should take note of this threat and immediately take action against the Samajwadi Party !
  • The religious fanatic leaders are openly announcing what they will do to Hindus after coming to power ! At least now, will the Hindus come to senses and unite for the Hindu Nation ?

Meerut (UP) – A video has become viral in which the SP leader Adil Chaudhary is threatening the public that if their Government comes to power, they will take revenge against each one of them (Hindus).

They will teach such a lesson that they will think 100 times before committing any atrocities on them.