Religious fanatic and Hindu girl caught by devout Hindu organisation in a Hotel in Khandwa (Madhya Pradesh) !

Religious fanatic youth took shelter in the Hotel by giving the false identity of the girl !

Editorial comment

Hindu girls fall prey to the fake assurances given by the religious fanatics because Hindu parents don’t their girls education on Dharma. Hence, all Hindu parents must provide education on Dharma to their children !

Khandwa (MP) – The devout Hindu organisations in Khandwa received information about a Hindu girl staying in a Hotel with a religious fanatic. They went to the hotel and took them both to the Police. They asked the Police to file a complaint under the law against love jihad. The religious fanatic gave the false identity of the Hindu girl and took shelter in the Hotel. According to the media, the name of the religious fanatic is Akram.

1. When the girl was enquired about it, she said I am an adult and was willingly staying in the hotel with the boy. The devout Hindu organisation said that the girl is lying due to pressure.

2. Police said that the girl is an MBA and both are adults. Hence, the girl does not seem to be under pressure. They both had been in search of a hotel since evening but the hotel operators found them suspicious and did not accommodate them.

3. After that, the owner of ‘Holiday Inn’ accommodated them. Devout Hindu organisations demanded an action to be taken on the hotel manager for letting them stay on a false identity. Police replied that action would be taken only after a full enquiry.

4. The Police have informed the family of the girl about this matter. But according to the report of ‘News 18’ the family has not been informed as this is a personal matter. (What would have the Police done if a Muslim girl would have run away with a Hindu boy ? – Editor)

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