Religious fanatic Government official pressurises a Hindu youth to convert for receiving the marriage certificate ! :  Lakhimpur, UP

Editorial comments

  • Such religious fanatics should be not just warned but dismissed and punished.
  • This shows how religious fanatic employees think about their religion no matter where they are. On the other hand, if a Hindu girl marries a Muslim boy, then a Hindu employee would try to encourage them under the name of secularism !

Lakhimpur Kheri (UP) – An employee of the ADM office here, pressurised a Hindu youth to convert to Islam to issue a marriage certificate. After reporting the matter to the District Magistrate, he slammed the employee and ordered to issue a marriage certificate to the youth within 1 hour.

Tarun Gupta and a Muslim girl from the Kashi Nagar area decided to get married with mutual consent. They applied for a Court marriage at the ADM office. However, an employee of the ADM office, Muhammad Sajid tried to ignore the application. He told the Hindu youth, “If you want a certificate, you have to become a Muslim. Only after conversion, the marriage certificate can be issued” he said.

The victim complained with the District Magistrate Mahendra Bahadur Singh and showed him a video regarding this. It was seen in the video that a Government employee was pressurising the victim to convert. After this, the District Magistrate scolded the concerned Government employee and warned of suspending him.