The wife of Jitendra Tyagi (Waseem Rizwi previously) beaten up by the religious fanatics by entering her house !

Religious fanatics supported by religious fanatic Police inspector !

Editorial Comment

Hindus don’t want such things to happen in Uttar Pradesh under BJP rule ! Now, the Govt should take strict action against these religious fanatics, dismiss the Police Inspector and send him to jail for supporting the religious fanatics !

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Lucknow (UP) – Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, who is under arrest for making so-called objectionable statements in the Dharma Sansad at Haridwar, informed that his wife was beaten up and thrown out of the house. The wife has accused the Assistant Police Inspector of supporting the religious fanatics in the horrendous act.

While talking on this matter, his wife Farha Fatima said that on 20th January, all of a  sudden, Shamil Shamsi son Shamsul Hasan alias Taj, Meesam Rizvi son Ibne Hasan, Shabab Asghar son Ghulam Asghar, Abbas Naqi Hussain alias son Shahzade, Gulshan Abbas son Muhammad Hussain, Shahzad son Taufik Hussain, Qian Rizvi Faizi son Ibne Hasan alias Huzoor Mian and Salman entered my house and started abusing my maternal sister Nida.

I immediately called the Saadatganj Police station to inform them about this matter. Even after the arrival of the Police, they continued beating up and abusing me. During this incident, Assistant Police Inspector Zaidi was present but was a silent observer. Zaidi took the house key from me and the religious fanatics threw me out of the house.

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