Fed up with the terror of religious fanatics, Hindus in Surana Village in Madhya Pradesh are preparing to flee !

Hindus threaten to flee their homes, leaving their farms and properties in the village

State Home Minister tries to reassure Hindus

Hindus accuse the Superintendent of Police of threatening them !

Editorial comments

  • Due to the terror of religious fanatics in various parts of India, Hindus are forced to flee. The same thing is happening in Surana village in Madhya Pradesh. Hindus do not expect this to happen when BJP is in power at the Centre and in Madhya Pradesh !
  • Religious fanatics in India have become arrogant because they no longer fear the law. Strict action must be taken against them to make them fall in line !
  • Do the Police officers, who are threatening the Hindu complainants, belong to India or Pakistan ? This is an example of how the Police and the administration always neglect the problems of Hindus. Hindus will be free of terror only if action is taken against people with such an Aurangzeb attitude along with taking action against religious fanatics !
  • O’ Hindus, if you do not want this to happen everywhere, then unite for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra !

Ratlam (MP) – Fed up with the persecution of religious fanatics, the Hindus in Surana Village in the District have written a letter to the District Collector against the fanatics. The Hindus have threatened in this letter, ‘If we don’t receive help, we will leave our house, farm, and property and flee the village in 3 days’. The population of this village is about 2,200. 60% of which are Muslims and 40% are Hindus. Taking cognisance of this letter, the District Collector of Ratlam will visit this village. Hindus are living under constant fear as it has become a common practice for religious fanatics in the village to threaten, beat up, and intimidate Hindus.

State Home Minister takes cognisance of the matter

State Home Minister Dr Narottam Mishra has expressed concern over the matter and said, ‘We will discuss the matter with the administration’. ‘Our region is peaceful. No one will be allowed to spread terror here’, he assured the villagers.

Religious fanatics try to pressurise Hindus !

‘Hindus and Muslims used to live with harmony in this village; however, in the last 2-3 years, religious fanatics have started swearing, beating up, and threatening the youth of the village. Due to the increase in the number of fanatics in the village, they are pressurising Hindus’, said Hindus of the village.

Superintendent of Police threatens to take action against Hindus !

A few days ago, Hindus visited the District Superintendent of Police and informed him about these incidents in the village. ‘Instead of listening to us, he threatened to demolish our houses and file a case against us under the National Security Act’, the Hindus alleged.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti demands action against the culprits !

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has appealed to the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Home Minister, and Director-General of Police to take action against those involved in harassing Hindus.

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