A unique ceremony to honour Mr Sanjeev Kumar and Mrs Mala Kumar (who became Sanatan Sanstha’s 115th & 116th Saints) enhanced the joy of seekers !

New Delhi – On 31st December 2021, Shri Guru showered His grace and joy upon the seekers in New Delhi and Haryana who had assembled to express gratitude unto Shri Guru’s Holy feet for providing them the opportunity to participate in the ‘Jnanshakti Prasar Abhiyan’ which aimed at disseminating ‘Jnanshakti’ in the Texts published by Sanatan Sanstha.

Shri Guru multiplied the joy of seekers who had gathered to hear the guidance of Sadguru (Dr) Charudatta Pingale (National Guide of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti), by introducing them to Mr Sanjeev Kumar and Mrs Mala Kumar from New Delhi who attained Sainthood the same day.

Every seeker who was present at the event had the same bhav – ‘Amol cheez jo di Guru ne, na de sake Bhagawan bhi !’

H.H. Sanjeev Kumar is a successful businessman from Delhi. He has been performing spiritual practice under the guidance of Sanatan Sanstha since 1999.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar, who always remains grateful to the Guru Principle and is keen to sacrifice has become Sanatan’s 115th Saint, while His wife Mrs Mala Kumar, who is always keen to serve the Guru Principle and remains blissful, has become Sanatan’s 116th Saint !

Mr Sanjeev Kumar (Age 70) and Mrs Mala Kumar (Age 67), the seeker couple from Delhi, has been performing spiritual practice since 1999. Mr Sanjeev Kumar is a well-known and successful businessman.

Sacrifice has utmost importance in Spirituality. When Mr Sanjeev Kumar was introduced to Spirituality and its fundamental principles, he soon realised the significance of sacrifice unto the Absolute Truth (the Guru Principle). After this, he did not miss any opportunity to sacrifice his wealth to serve the Nation & Dharma. He rapidly progressed spiritually due to his sacrifice of wealth for seekers, activities to propagate Spirituality & Dharma and the Sevakendras (Sanatan’s centres where seekers stay and where various activities for the spread of Spirituality are planned).

Mr Sanjeev Kumar and Mrs Mala Kumar have immense Priti (Love without expectations) for seekers. They treat seekers as their family members. The couple attends to the seekers very well. For the seekers who have left the comforts of their homes and the company of their loved ones, the couple are no less than their guardians. They are also the source of strength for all the seekers involved in propagating Dharma and Spirituality in Delhi.

Mrs Mala Kumar has the immense yearning to serve the Absolute Truth. She performs every seva (Service unto the Absolute Truth) artistically and in a sattvik (Spiritually pure) manner. She performs various sevas with a lot of enthusiasm, an intense yearning to reach to Shri Guru’s Holy Feet and in a bhav-enriched manner; as a result, she always remains joyous and blissful.

For the past two years, there has been some element of fear everywhere because of the coronavirus. In Delhi, it was worse. Despite these odds, the couple utilised this time to perform spiritual practice and enhance bhav (Spiritual emotion) with the help of their unwavering faith in the Guru Principle. This helped them remain in a state of bhav, and thus, they experienced the spiritual proverb – ‘Where there is spiritual emotion, God is present !’ In this manner, they rapidly progressed spiritually during this difficult period.

They started their spiritual journey together. In 2017, they reached the spiritual level of 60% on the same day. Today, on this auspicious day, they have reached the spiritual level of 71% together, and thus, attained Sainthood.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar, who constantly remains in a state of bhav has become Sanatan’s 115th Saint, while Mrs Mala Kumar, who always remains blissful has become Sanatan’s 116th Saint. Their family members also perform spiritual practice. Their granddaughter Miraya (son’s daughter) is a Divine (Spiritually evolved) child who has taken birth on the earth from Maharlok. Their daughters, Mrs Aanandita and Mrs Ananya also have interest in Spirituality.

I am certain that the couple who have many virtues such as honesty, learning attitude and Priti will rapidly progress spiritually in the next phase of their spiritual journey. – Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale (23.12.2021)

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