Freeing Temples in Karnataka from the Government’s control is a conspiracy by the religious mafia : Congress Leader Siddaramaiah 

Editorial comments

  • It won’t be wrong to say that taking temples under the control of the Government itself is a conspiracy of the political-religious mafia.
  • Siddaramaiah should explain which mafia’s conspiracy is it that Congress did not take Churches and Mosques under Government control ?

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The State Government’s decision to free Hindu temples from its control is a conspiracy of religious mafia that operates in the name of God. This is a technique of looting the property of 80% Hindus and giving it to 2-3% of the people, said Siddaramaiah, former Chief Minister of Karnataka and the Opposition party leader in the Legislative Assembly.

Siddaramaiah told the reporters,

  1.  The evil-eye of certain people has fallen on the wealth of temples in the State. This anti-Hindu policy of the BJP has to be opposed since it is diluting over a 1,000-year struggle of people and is a step back in social movement. This is an evil agenda of the BJP to trample on social justice and push Shudras, Dalits and women towards slavery. BJP is making laws towards this.

    The struggle of our forefathers for over a thousand years had weakened the roots of the Manuvadi poisonous tree. The BJP is going to give a tonic to the dried-up roots by deregulating the temples. If Manuvadi doctrine is revived, it will become a monster. This should be opposed by thinking beyond party and sects. (Congress has a history of dividing Hindus on the basis of castes. To divide Hindus, bizarre arguments are being put forth such as if temples are freed from Government control, the monopoly of Brahmans will increase. Hindus are uniting like never before, about which the anti-Hindu Congress is now afraid and has started hatching a new anti-Hindu conspiracy. Hindus should strongly oppose this. – Editor)


    The same priestly class forces that derailed the Sharana movement of Basavanna are now using politicians from lower classes in the BJP to take control of temples. This will push Kannadigas to religious slavery.


    The priestly class will not seek autonomy of all temples, but only those that have huge income. The temples which do not have incomes will be left to others.

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