Missionaries of Charities, an organisation established by Mother Teresa booked for religious conversion 

  • Blamed for attempts to convert the girls from the shelter home 
  • The organisation has rejected the charge
Editorial Comment 

  • Christian Missionaries and Christian organisations are blamed for converting Hindus for decades. But neither the Hindus got justice nor the missionaries punished. Hindus hope that due to the BJP rule in Gujarat, they will get justice.
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Vadodara (Gujarat) – Missionaries of Charities, a Christian organisation established by Mother Teresa, has been booked for religious conversion. The complaint states that the shelter home run by the organisation is involved in converting resident girls to Christianity. In Makarpur Police station, an FIR has been lodged based on a complaint filed by Mayank Trivedi, the District Social Defence Officer.

  1. Recently, Mayank Trivedi had visited the shelter home run by Missionaries of Charities. Trivedi said, “During my visit, I found that the girls in the shelter home were being forced to read Christian Holy text and Christian prayers. This organisation has intentionally hurt the feelings of Hindus during the period 10th Feb 2021 to 9th Dec 2021. The girls were lured towards Christianity by making them wear a cross around their neck, putting the Bible on the table of storeroom used by girls.”
  2. A Spokesperson of Missionaries of Charities said, “We are not involved in any religious conversions. Our shelter home has 24 girls who live with us and study. We have neither converted anyone nor forced to marry a person of Christian faith.”