Hindu student abducted by religious fanatics at Purnea (Bihar)

Growing incidences of ‘Love Jihad’ in the country

Editorial Comment

Everywhere from Bihar to Kerala, the incidents of ‘Love Jihad’ have spread. Hindu girls are falling prey to ‘Love Jihad’ as they do not have education on Dharma. Despite this, no measures are being taken against it at the national level. Therefore, it is not surprising if Hindus feel that still there is the Mughal rule in this Country. Establishing Hindu Rashtra is inevitable to change this situation.

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Purnea (Bihar) – An incident of ‘Love Jihad’ has come to light in the District. A student of Kasba College was abducted on 2nd November by Mohammad Shakeel and Mohammad Afsar Alam. The victim’s father complained to the Police station, but the girl has not yet been found.

The victim’s father, while talking to the Superintendent of Police, said that on 2nd November his daughter had gone to college with her friend; but on her way back from college, she went missing from Gerua Chowk. We searched for the girl. Then we came to know that she had been kidnapped by Mohammad Shakeel and Mohammad Apsar Alam alias Chhotu of Kasba Santnagar Ward No. 2. According to the information received, Mohammad Shakeel used to visit the victim’s village regularly. He had also gone to the victim’s house several times. When the people there questioned him, he told them his name was ‘Sonu’ and his father’s name was ‘Bhola Sah’. According to the people, this fanatic has hidden his real identity and trapped the girl into ‘Love Jihad’. As of today, the Police have registered a complaint against the accused under Section 363 (kidnapping) and Section 366.