A Christian teacher from a convent school beats up a student for applying holy ash and wearing ‘Rudraksha’   

Parents complain to Chief Minister Stalin demanding action against the teacher

Editorial comment 

Tamil Nadu is governed by an atheist party like DMK; therefore, Hindus are not likely to get justice. Hindus should, therefore, now commit themselves to the mission of establishment of Hindu Rashtra to permanently prevent such kinds of incidents.

Kanchipuram (Tamil Nadu) – Two students from 10th standard named Kirubakaran and Kirubanandan studying in the tenth standard were abused and beaten up by a Christian teacher named Joyson for wearing ‘Rudraksha’ around their neck and applying holy ash on their forehead. The parents of these students have written a letter to the State Chief Minister demanding action in the matter. The school is a Government-aided convent high school viz. Anderson High School where the incident occurred.

(It is a Government-aided school and the pro-Hindu organisations should take initiative and see to it that the Government stopped extending grants to this school. – Editor)

In 2017 also, Joyson had beaten up a Hindu student for which he was even arrested. (There has been no change in the mentality of this teacher despite his arrest earlier. He was not even dismissed from the school. It shows that in convent-run schools, teachers are being asked to oppose Hindus’ religious traditions ! Hindus should, therefore, stop sending their children to such schools. – Editor)