Taiwan Warns ‘Catastrophic consequences’ if China invades it !

Editorial comment

It is a shame that even a small country Taiwan directly warns China; while a nuclear-armed India does not utter a word.

Taipei (Taiwan) – If China invades Taiwan, it will have catastrophic consequences. The Asian continent will see a serious and devastating reaction. Taiwan has warned China that Taiwan is ready to use all means for self-defence though it does not want war. Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has expressed these views through an article in a foreign policy magazine.

In the past few days, Chinese fighter jets have infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace. On 1st October, China held a military demonstration to mark National Day. The Chinese Air Force had flown 38 fighter jets into Taiwan’s airspace. Taiwan has expressed outrage over this.

Taiwan is under constant pressure from China. Taiwan introduces itself to the world as an independent country, while China claims it as its territory. Chinese President Xi Jinping has also said that “Taiwan will soon become part of China.”