Arrested Pakistani terrorist’s confession

Pakistani Army lured me with money and made me a terrorist

New Delhi – I was told to get myself recruited to Lashkar-e-Taiba. I was lured with money to get out of poverty. I was handed over to ISI, then to the Pakistani Army. No civilian can cross over without the Pakistan Army’s hand in it. I was provided Rs. 20,000 after my recruitment in Lashkar-e-Taiba.

I was promised a second instalment of Rs. 30,000 for my family after I reach Kashmir, informed 19-year-old Pakistani terrorist Ali Babar during his investigation. Babar’s father has died. He was living with his mother and a sister. He was also lured with money for the treatment of his mother. The Indian Army said that there must be many such poor Pakistani civilians who might have been lured with money by the Pakistani Army and misguided. They might be trained for terrorism in the name of Army training.

I found Kashmiri Muslims happy – Terrorist Ali Babar

Ali Babar said I was told that Muslims are tortured by the Indian Army in Kashmir. However, I witnessed nothing as such. The behaviour of the Indian Army is opposite to that of the Pakistani Army. I was never beaten up or tortured. I saw that people were happy. I wish to tell the youths like me in Pakistan that Jihad is bad.