China objects to the scheduled nuclear missile test of India ! 

Many Chinese cities are within the range of missiles  

Editorial comment

  • How will China, with its modern destructive weapons, money-power, bullying, and expansionism attitude, bear India’s increasing defence capacity ? India should not just conduct tests of such missiles but should use them as needed to defeat the enemy countries like Pakistan and China. Only then, will India be treated as awe-inspired ! 

New Delhi – China has strongly opposed India’s scheduled testing of nuclear missiles. It is said that India would soon be testing  ‘Agni-5’, its missile which can hit targets within 5,000 km range. Many cities of China will come within the range of this missile; therefore, China has become restless. Zhao Lijian, a spokesperson from China’s foreign ministry said that as per proposition 1172 of the United Nation’s Security Council, maintaining peace, security, and stability in the south Asian continent is the responsibility of all nations and we hope that all nations would strive to do it.

While opposing India’s nuclear missile tests, China aids Pakistan’s nuclear tests !

Editorial comment

  • On one hand, China is opposing India’s nuclear missile tests and on the other, it is helping Pakistan with its nuclear missiles test !

While opposing India’s nuclear missile tests, China is extending help to Pakistan for its nuclear missiles tests. (It shows China’s cunning nature! – Editor) China has supplied Uranium to Pakistan and made available even the technology for preparing such nuclear missiles.

What is proposition 1172 of the UN Security Council ?

China’s spokesperson Zhao Lijian has referred to the UN Security Council’s proposition 1172 while opposing India’s nuclear missiles test. The proposal was brought in 1998 after India conducted an atomic test. It was stated in the proposal, ‘India and Pakistan will immediately stop their programs developing nuclear weapons and keep away from nuclear weapons. A ban will also be imposed on every material used in the production of nuclear weapons, the development of nuclear missiles, etc. This equipment and related technology would not be passed on to anyone.’