Indore (MP) : Devout Hindus shut down fashion show in a pub 

Organisers accused of promoting obscenity and love jihad

Editorial comments

  • Why the Police with all mechanisms at service could not see what the devout Hindus could see ? Or the Police are blind ?
  • Now it should not be a surprise if so-called progressives, Congress supporters, communists, etc. cry aloud that it is a suppression of individual liberty !
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Indore (MP) – Sumit Hardia, Sonu Kalyane and other devout Hindus shut down a fashion show in a pub at Vijay Nagar on 15th September night. The organisers opened the back exit to let the participants go out.

The devout Hindus have accused that obscenity and love jihad is being promoted through this fashion show. Later the organisers called the Police. Police registered the case against Faiz Ahmed Ghori, the organiser of the show and sent notice to Pub owner after the complaint by the activists.