If anyone has understood Hinduism in the last two hundred years, it has been Mahatma Gandhi : Rahul Gandhi’s new discovery

Editorial Comments

  • If so, then why the Congress, which considers Mahatma Gandhi as its role model, has hatred towards Hindus for the last 74 years ?
  • Why is it that the Congress, which has been in power for six decades, has always treated Hindus with contempt ? It is Congress that is turning a blind eye to the genocide of seven and a half lakh Kashmiri Hindus. The Congress tried to demolish Ramsetu, a place of worship for Hindus. Realise, it is the Congress, which allowed the spread of the Jihadi Terror to wreak havoc on the roots of Hindus and their temples in the region ! It is equally true that Rahul Gandhi will not say anything about it !

New Delhi – BJP leaders say we are pro-Hindu, but if anyone has understood Hinduism in the last one hundred to two hundred years, it was Mahatma Gandhi. BJP also agrees with this. Mahatma Gandhi, considered as an ideal by the whole world, understood non-violence perfectly and explained it to the world. Hinduism is the foundation of non-violence, then why was he shot by bullets ? This should be thought about, said former Congress President Rahul Gandhi (After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, thousands of Brahmins were killed in the Congress-sponsored riots. Under the leadership of Congress, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984, Sikh killings happened. Remember that Rahul Gandhi and the Congress, who consider Mahatma Gandhi as their role model, are not talking about it. – Editor) He was speaking at a function to mark the founding day of the All India Women’s Congress on 15th September. Gandhi further said that the country today has a Government of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and BJP. And their ideology is different. We can compromise with any other ideology, but we will never compromise with the ideology of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and BJP.

(The Congress has so far allied itself with the political parties having communist, socialist ideologies, which have extreme hatred towards Hindus. From this, the anti-Hindu sentiments of Congress become clear. What are Gandhi’s views about it ? – Editor)

The ideology of the Congress is a Gandhian ideology. The ideology of the BJP is the ideology of Godse and Savarkar. (Rahul Gandhi should keep in mind that Hindus are proud of Savarkar’s loyalty for religion and Nation – Editor) There is a difference between the two.

Rahul Gandhi’s ignorance about Hindu Dharma becomes clear from the following ridiculous statements

What is Mother Lakshmi ? It does not mean that Lakshmi is the power that brings money into the house, but Lakshmi is the goal. A Politician, a footballer, who has any goal, Lakshmi is the power that fulfils the goal.

Durga is the one who protects. Durga and Lakshmi are the rights. It is the job of politicians to provide it to every person without any discrimination. Durga means defence and Lakshmi means a power that fulfils the goal.