Gross denigration of Shridurga Devi by an anti-Hindu artist depicting Devi in ‘Hijab’ 

Editorial comment

  • Lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’ (education on Dharma), and love and respect towards Dharma amongst Hindus lead to such acts. It is disgraceful for Hindus ! It is the outcome of depriving Hindus of ‘Dharmashikshan’ by their organisations, Dharmagurus, etc since India got Independence. Every Hindus will be educated on Dharma matters in Hindu Rashtra.

The intention underlying display of this image is not to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus, but make them comprehend the denigration –  Editor

Kolkata (Bengal) – Sanatan Dinda, a local artist has drawn a picture of Shridurga Devi showing Her as wearing a ‘hijab’. He has written under this picture as ‘Mother is coming’.

He has drawn this picture in the background of the forthcoming Navratri festival. This picture is being opposed on social media.