We will retain the power gained through terrorism

Taliban leader responds to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Editorial comments

  • The Taliban’s history is that it had come to power in Afghanistan earlier, but its reign didn’t last more than 5 years. The Taliban must remember this always.
  • It is annoying that a terrorist organisation of a small nation responds in this manner to the Indian Prime Minister. India needs to adopt an aggressive strategy and bring them under control

New Delhi – We are taking up the challenge of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that power seized by terrorism is not permanent. “We will retain the power we have gained through terrorism,” said Shahabuddin Dilawar, a senior Taliban leader”. India will soon know that the Taliban can run the country’s affairs smoothly, he said. PM Modi had tweeted it a few days back.

In an interview with Radio Pakistan, Dilawar warned India not to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. (The Taliban needs to be told that it should not mess up with the Kashmir issue either. – Editor) Pakistan is our ‘friend’. “I am grateful to Pakistan for providing shelter to over three million Afghans.” The Taliban further said it wants to have peaceful and harmonious relations with every country in the world. (Who will believe it ? – Editor)