Uyghur Muslim refugees in Afghanistan in the shadow of fear !

Editorial Comments

  • Under Chinese pressure, the Taliban may hand over Uyghur Muslims to China. The hypocritical Muslim love of the Taliban ! The Taliban talk about the so-called human rights of Kashmiri or Palestinian Muslims but don’t talk about atrocities of Uyghur Muslims in China due to fear of China.

New Delhi – Uyghur Muslims fleeing China’s Xinjiang Province and taking refuge in Afghanistan are now in crisis again. At the Chinese request, it is feared that Taliban terrorists may repatriate Uyghur Muslims to Xinjiang. It is feared that if this is done, China will keep Muslims in camps and oppress them. There are currently 2,000 Uyghur Muslims living in Afghanistan.

Uyghur Muslims who have been living for many years in Afghanistan have been granted citizenship but are identified as ‘Chinese refugees’ by Government documents. So they can be identified. The Taliban raises the issue of Muslim victims in Myanmar and Palestine but remains silent about China’s atrocities on Uyghur Muslims. Therefore, by making false accusations, the Taliban can send Uyghur Muslims to China.