Samajwadi Party MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq compares Taliban to India’s freedom fighters, praises them for war against USA

Editorial Comments

  • It should not come as a surprise if someone demands that people such as Barq be sent to so-called independent Afghanistan !
  • Will the so-called secularists and progressives and all those who believe in the concept of equality between religions, be able to say confidently that Muslim leaders or organisations have not opposed the Taliban ! Their deafening silence can only mean one thing – they support the Taliban !

New Delhi – Two days after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, Samajwadi Party MP from Uttar Pradesh’s Sambhal, Shafiqur Rahman Barq, was seen extending his support to the Jihadi organisation. On 17th August, who remains in news due to his controversial statements, tried to legitimise the radical Islamist outfit as he opined that the Taliban have only recaptured the land that originally belonged to them.

Shamelessly drawing an equivalence between these Jihadis and India’s freedom fighters, Shafiqur Rahman Barq said that like our countrymen fought for freedom from the British, the Taliban also wants to free their country and run it.

Further heaping praises for the Jihadi outfit, Shafiqur Rahman Barq added, “Taliban is a force that did not allow even strong countries like Russia and America to settle in their country”.

Interestingly, the Samajwadi Party MP’s statement is in line with Pakistan PM and Taliban sympathiser Imran Khan who justified the Taliban’s actions by claiming that the Afghan population had broken the ‘chains of slavery’. He also remarked that ‘cultural imposition’ (by the United States) was tantamount to ‘mental slavery’.

The Samajwadi Party leader has a track record of making extremely problematic comments. He had once said, “BJP not only tampered with Sharia but also got girls caught and raped. Mistakes like mob lynching were done with Muslims. The Government is now facing the brunt of which in the form of corona”.

Shafiqur Rahman Barq is the same Samajwadi leader who had created a controversy by saying in Parliament that Vande Mataram is against Islam.