Taliban should not make Afghanistan a haven for terrorists : Warns China

Superficial warning after establishing good relations with Taliban

Editorial comment

  • Pakistan, which is a factory of terrorists, is China’s friend. China had declared having good relations with the Taliban; then does this warning hold any significance ? The international community should never believe China’s such statements.

 New York (USA) – You (Taliban) rule peacefully; but do not make Afghanistan a haven for terrorists, warned China in the emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. China’s representative Geng Shuang,  its permanent representative of the Security Council gave this warning. Just a day before, China had talked about keeping friendly relations with the Taliban and on the next day, made this statement.

1. Geng Shuang said that all nations should take up responsibility as per international laws and Security Council’s resolution. We should work together to fight against terrorists like Islamic State and Al-Qaeda etc. Al-Qaeda can again become active in East Turkey; therefore, there is a need to pay special attention to this issue.

2. ‘East Turkestan Islamic Movement’ is a banned terrorist organisation, which is a branch of Al-Qaeda and it is fighting against China for freeing the Xinjiang region of China that has a majority of Uyghur Muslims.