12 Indian Coastal cities including Mumbai will submerge by 2100

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  • A result of the so-called scientific progress

New York – According to a report of the US’s International Space Research Station, NASA, by the year 2100, 12 Coastal cities including Mumbai are likely to go 3 feet underwater due to climatic changes. In the next 80 years, Kandla, Okha, Bhavnagar, Mormugoa, Mumbai, Mangaluru, Cochin, Paradip, Khidirpur, Visakhapatnam, Chennai and Tuticorin are likely to get submerged. Apart from this, the ​​landmass near the sea and rivers is going to decrease.


1. According to NASA’s report, by the year 2100, the temperature of the world will increase at a rapid pace. In future, people will have to face severe heat. If carbon emissions and pollution are not stopped, the temperature will rise by about 4.4 °C. In the next two decades, the temperature will increase by 1.5 °C. Due to it, the melting glaciers will bring destruction along the plains and sea coasts.

2. Using NASA’s Online Sea Level Projection Tool it will be possible to save people’s lives and property from the destruction on the seashore by transporting and transferring to other places. Through this online tool, the status of future threats i.e. rising sea levels can also be determined.