Demolish the illegal 4-storey Waqf Bhawan in Patna, Bihar within a month : Orders Patna High Court

Out of the 5 Judges panel, Judge Ahsanuddin Amanullah voted against the demolition of the Bhawan

Editorial comments

  • Were the Administration and the Police asleep while the illegal 4-storey building was being constructed ? If an illegal building would have been built for Hindus instead of a Waqf, would the Administration have remained silent ?
  • A question may arise in the minds of the people – Is the Administration supporting the illegal construction by a particular religion’s followers ?
  • The Waqf Board dares to build illegally near the Court, which means it is not fearing the law. How will the Government make such an organisation come to its knees ?

Patna (Bihar) – The Patna High Court declaring the 4-storey Waqf Bhavan near the High Court illegal, ordered its demolition. A five-Judge Bench comprising of Ashwani Kumar Singh, Vikash Jain, Rajendra Kumar Mishra and Chakradhari Sharan Singh voted in favour of the order while Ahsanuddin Amanullah voted against it. Judge Amanullah denied that the building was illegal. He also told that there was no need to demolish the entire building. Only the top 10 feet of the construction that is illegal should be demolished. This building was constructed by Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Limited for Bihar State Sunni Waqf Board’s office, but the building is also used as a guest house.

1. The Court also questioned in the order that who approved the construction of the illegal Waqf building that caused a loss of Rs 14 crore ? (People feel that the Court should order recovery of Rs. 14 crore from the concerned officer – Editor)

2. The Court, while ordering the Patna Municipal Corporation, stated that if the construction Department fails to demolish the illegal construction, then the Municipal Corporation should do it. (If the construction Department is deliberately preventing the demolition of this illegal construction, then the Court should take action against it also – Editor)

3. The Court questioned that how the building was constructed at such a fast pace when no construction going on anywhere else due to the Corona crisis. (It shows that this illegal construction had the support of the Administration and the Government Departments. The people think that the Court should take the initiative to find and punish all the culprits – Editor)