81 Hindu families threaten to flee out of fear for their life

Majority of Hindus living in a colony persecuted by religious fanatics in Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Collectively put ‘houses for sale’ posters on their houses

Police making inquiries

Editor’s comments

  • Hindus feel that such incidents are not expected in the BJP ruled UP
  • It is disgraceful for Hindus that despite being a majority, the minority religious fanatics are persecuting them
  • Will Hindus realise that despite being in minority, the religious fanatics persecute Hindus, then if religious fanatics become the majority tomorrow, Hindus will cease to exist !

Moradabad (UP) – Eighty-one families of Lajpat Nagar Shiv Vihar Colony have collectively put up posters of ‘Makan Bikau Hai’ (House is for sale) due to the terror of religious fanatics. They have bought houses in the vicinity of both the gates of the colony. They have paid 3 times the current market rate. Hindus allege that the religious fanatics who live in these houses, throw leftover meat in front of the houses of Hindus in the colony. It makes the colony filthy. Most of the Hindus in the colony are vegetarians. Hindus have demanded with the Government and the District Administration to cancel the registration of the houses. If this is not complied with, 81 families will be forced to flee.

  1. Hindus say that the Muslims are buying houses by paying Rs. 3 crore despite the current market price is Rs. 50 lakhs ! Hindus also demanded an inquiry into the source of such a large amount. (Hindus only sell their houses by accepting more money from the religious fanatics and are putting their brethren in trouble. From this, we can realise how hollow their pride in their religion is. Why should God protect such Hindus ? – Editor)
  2. Hindus have alleged that religious fanatics are conspiring to drive away the Hindus. Meat and waste were thrown near their houses on Bakri-Eid. (Religious fanatics throw the meat in front of the houses and Hindus cannot even show the courage of warning them constitutionally about not repeating the act ? – Editor)
  3. Hindus have asked furiously, whether they should flee or get converted ? (Due to 2-3 houses of the religious fanatics, Hindus are talking about conversion and fleeing, then we can imagine what must be the state of Hindus in Islamic countries. – Editor)
  4. Additional Commissioner of Police said that Moradabad Police have been asked to take action in this regard.
  5. Rajesh Kumar, the Upper City Magistrate had a talk with the people in the colony during his visit there. Having realised their sentiments, he said that the report concerning the whole matter will be given to the Collector.
  6. The Collector said that Officers have been sent to the colony to get the actual information. Although 3 houses are being purchased by the Muslims, the rest are occupied by Hindus only. No one has fled so far.