Illegal shrine constructed on a flyover in Delhi

Muslims claim the shrine is longstanding

What was the Administration doing till the shrine was being constructed on the flyover ? Even now, what is the Administration going to do about it ? – Editor

New Delhi – As per the news on ‘TV9 Bharatvarsh’, an illegal shrine (Mazar) constructed on a flyover in Azadpur is causing traffic jams. Instead of looking at the news from the Hindu- Muslim angle, the actual issue of traffic jams should be addressed. The Mazar Management body says it is a Dargah and claims that the Dargah is old.

1. Muslims claim that no construction was done there since 2009, and this Mazar was constructed before 1950 and the Pirbab’s Grave is under the flyover.

2. In another instance on 24th July in a viral video a lady in Delhi is seen demolishing a Mazar on another road single handily. She was later called by the Police for investigation. She was acknowledged and backed by many Hindu organisations. (The public should question the Administration and the Police – When a woman without any support can single-handedly demolish a Dargah, then why they cannot do it with all the power in their hands ? – Editor)