Tirunelveli (TN) : Religious fanatics vandalised Hindus’ sacred Hills by painting Crescent Moon, and wrote Allah and 786

Angered Hindus demand action against the culprits

  • Considering such state of  temples and sacred places of Hindus  after the Government takes over temples,  it is now necessary to establish Hindu Rashtra to nullify the Governmentalisation and hand over the temples to devotees. 
  • Had Hindus written their sacred words on Mosques and Churches, by now there would have been violent reactions all over the world.
  • It is no surprise that Hindu religious places are in danger in an anti-Hindu DMK ruled Government.

Tirunelveli (TN) – It has been reported that on the sacred hills with Hindu temples, religious fanatics sketched “crescent moon” and wrote ‘786’ (it is a sacred number in Islam, it is their faith that remembering this number gives success) and “Allah”. The local Hindus have expressed anger and asked the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department to take immediate action and protect the hills and the temples”. Hindus are concerned that the fanatics are it to encroach in this area of Holy hills and temples.