Bakri Eid causes Covid-19 havoc in Kerala, more than 22,000 infected in a single day

Discussions on social media blame Eid for a large number of infections

  • Anti-Hindu liberals will not utter a word against it, who otherwise are engaged in blaming Hindu festivals like ‘Kanwar Yatra’ for being super-spreaders of Covid infection
  • During the second Covid wave, the so-called secularists had termed UP’s capital Lucknow as ‘Lash-now’ (‘Lash’ means ‘corpse’ in Hindi). The same secularists have maintained a pin-drop silence regarding the havoc caused by Covid in communist-ruled Kerala !
  • Hindus will never forget the silence maintained by political parties about the current Covid situation in Kerala, which in the past had termed Kumbh Mela as a ‘super spreader’.

New Delhi – The second wave of coronavirus in India was brought under control due to curfew and other regulations. However, the picture is different in Kerala. During the recent Bakri Eid period, the Communist Government of Kerala relaxed many rules under the transport ban. As a result, the State registered more than 22,000 Covid cases on a single day on 28th July with 156 deaths. Thus, the discussions on social media are blaming Eid for being a super spreader.

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 43,509 corona-infected patients were found in the country on 28th July. Therefore, the State of Kerala alone accounts for 53% of the country’s Covid infections. This is the first time in the last fifty days that more than twenty thousand Covid patients have been found in a single State.

1. North Kerala is a Muslim-majority area with the highest number of corona patients. In Malappuram District, 4,037 cases of Covid were reported in a single day while in Kozhikode 2,300 cases were reported.

2. Bakri Eid was on the 21st of July. Given this, the Pinarayi Vijayan Government of Kerala had given relaxation in curfew rules on 18th, 19th, and 20th July. Clothing, electronics, and jewellery shops, along with shops supplying essential goods, were permitted to remain open till 8 p.m. during that period.

3. The Supreme Court was shocked and stated that it would take necessary action if the infection increased due to Bakri Eid. The Apex Court also said that the ‘right to live’ of Indian citizens is the most important and that nobody shall take it away.

Questions put on the role of the judiciary through social media !

Some people have questioned the role of the judiciary. They said, ‘Bakri Eid in Kerala and Kanwar Yatra in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand were about the same time. The Supreme Court forced the Uttar Pradesh Government to revoke the permission granted for the Kanwar Yatra, while it just verbally opposed the permission granted by Kerala Government for Bakri Eid’.