The United States again witnesses the highest number of Covid-19 cases

People should resume wearing masks even after completing 2 doses of the vaccine

Washington (US) – The United States witnesses a sharp spike in Covid-19 cases. More than 60,000 cases of new infections have been recorded in 24 hours. Hence, the United States tops the number of Covid-19 cases worldwide. People from high-risk areas of the country have been asked to wear the mask. Even those who have completed both doses of vaccine can transmit the infection.

  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended people to wear the mask. Though the vaccines are effective protection, there is still a danger of infection in the rare cases of ‘Delta’ variant virus transmission.
  2. The United States has been supplied with more vaccines than any other country. Still, the rate of vaccination is low in the country. US President Joe Biden said that America needs to do better on vaccinations. New decisions will be taken to increase the speed of vaccination.