China monitoring situation in Myanmar, and we are keeping a close eye on China : CDS General Bipin Rawat

Now it is not only important to keep a close eye on China, but also to implement an aggressive strategy against China.

New Delhi – After changing the regime in Myanmar by the military, China is keeping a close eye on Myanmar behind the curtains, and India is monitoring China. This information was provided by Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat in a webinar. India’s Northeast part is connected with the rest of India by the Siliguri corridor which is a chicken neck narrow part. Rawat said this part is very important concerning military strategy, therefore, China is keeping an eye on Myanmar. Myanmar’s border is on the east side of India. Rawat was talking in the background, that if China enters Myanmar through its highway project, it can plan to attack the ‘Chicken neck’ area which can create a threat for India.

General Rawat said that the safety of India could be threatened by creating unrest using religious fanatic Islamic groups and sheltering Rohingya. (If this is the case then why doesn’t India send such refugees back to their country ? – Editor) Other than China, narcotic trading, insurgent activities, etc. are worrying for India (If the military is on the border, then how does narcotic get smuggled in ? – Editor)