Reassess minority status given to Muslims and Christians in Kerala : PIL in Kerala HC

Why does such a petition have to be filed, why is the Government not proactively doing it on its own initiative ?

Kochi (Kerala) – A PIL has been filed in the Kerala High Court urging a reassessment of the minority status granted to Muslims and Christians in Kerala. The petitioner, the Citizens Association for Democracy, Equality, Tranquillity, and Secularism (CADETS), pleaded for an order to be issued to the Centre to direct the National Commission for Minorities to re-determine the minority list of the State.

According to the organisation, Muslims and Christians in Kerala have scaled great heights in the social, educational and economic fields. Therefore, their minority status should be reconsidered. They should not be given any special facilities. The National Minorities Commission should also be directed to assess the progress of people of these religions in the State.