Parole granted to life imprisoned convicts of Sister Abhaya murder case

Kerala High Court sought an explanation from the State’s Communist Government

  • The Pro- Christian Communist Government of Kerala is misusing its authority to help the murderers. Realise that the hypocrite secularists and legalists are silent about it.
  • Would the communist Government ever beliberal with the innocent devout Hindus convicted on false charges ?

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Kerala High Court has sought an explanation from the State’s Communist Government regarding the parole granted to thimprisone convicts of the Sister Abhaya murder case. The Court sought an explanation while hearing a petition seeking immediate withdrawal of parole granted to the convicts.

The body of Sister Abhaya, a resident of St. Pius Convent of Kottayam, was found in a well on 27th March 1992. On 23rd December 2020, 28 years after the death, a CBI Court convicted pastor Thomas and Sister Sephy and sentenced them to life imprisonment. Pastor Thomas and Sister Sephy murdered Sister Abhaya as she had seen them in a compromising position. (It clearly shows the criminal mentality of the Pastor and the nun. – Editor)