35th Saint of Sanatan, Vaidya H.H. Vinay Bhave’s studious and sacrificing attitude

H.H. Vinay Bhave

1. Start of spiritual practice

A. ‘In 1986, I used to visit Vaidya H.H. Anna Karandikar to learn Spirituality, while Vaidya H.H. Vinay Bhave used to come there to study Ayurvedic medicine. We first met at Vaidya H.H. Anna Karandikar’s place. Later, in 1987, Vaidya H.H. Anna Karandikar took me to Indore to meet Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj. Vaidya H.H. Vinay Bhave had been visiting Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj from 1988 for Bhandaras (Preparation of food on large scale as a religious offering to God and later distributed as Prasad to all the gathered devotees) and festivals.

B. When I started conducting satsangs in Panvel and Pen (Maharashtra) in 1989, H.H. Vinay Bhave used to attend them regularly.

2. Some unique features

A. Amiable disposition : Although His original nature was introverted, due to His amiable disposition, H.H. Vinay Bhave could easily interact with anyone.

B. Sakshibhav (Observer stance)

1. He was very stable not only during physical discomfort but also during His heart surgery,.

2. He also witnessed difficult family situations with sakshibhav.

C. Studious : There will be no doctors, medicines, etc. available during the coming World War 3. How will we treat ailments during this period ? In this regard, Sanatan Sanstha has published Texts on various topics such as chanting, Nyas, Mudra, Hypnotherapy (currently two Texts are available; the rest of the Texts will be made available in due course). Two Texts compiled by H.H. Vinay Bhave – ‘How to cultivate medicinal plants ?’ and ‘Cultivating medicinal plants as per the space available’, have been published.

H.H. Vinay Bhave also assisted in publishing a Text on domestic remedies based on Ayurveda.

D. Sacrificing attitude : There are many examples of H.H. Vinay Bhave’s sacrificing attitude. Three examples related to Sanatan Sanstha are given ahead.

1. In 1990, Sanatan Sanstha thought of establishing a Spiritual University. When H.H. Vinay Bhave came to know of it, He offered 12 acres of land He owned for it. This land could not be made available as the entire area was scheduled to come under a dam.

2. H.H. Vinay Bhave was engaged in producing Ayurvedic medicines under the brand ‘Shri Anantananda Dispensary’. (Shri Anantananda Saish is Guru of Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj.) About 2 years ago, H.H. Vinay Bhave had offered His business to Sanatan Sanstha.

3. In 2009, while contemplating on where would seekers live if Sanatan Sanstha is banned,  H.H. Vinay Bhave even offered His land He had acquired at that time for the seekers.

E. Helping others : H.H. Vinay Bhave used to help others not only through Ayurvedic remedies but also in whichever way it was possible for Him.

The body, mind and wealth have to be sacrificed to progress spiritually in vyashti sadhana. At the same time, there has to be yearning to perform spiritual practice. H.H. Vinay Bhave possessed all these virtues and more. This is the reason why He progressed to the level of a Saint.

I am certain that H.H. Vinay Bhave’s spiritual progress will be just as fast in the higher regions.

– Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale

 Strength is there with those who take up various movements; however, God’s support is necessary for their success !