Statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth toppled by enraged citizens in Canada

Issue of the discovery of hundreds of indigenous children in unmarked graves due to atrocities and conversions by Catholic Church Schools

  • To stop such atrocities on children, the menace of conversion by the Catholic Church should be stopped. Christians, who oppose conversion and their respective countries should pressurise Catholic Churches and the missionaries to stop their activities.
  • Why are Christians in India keeping mum about the conversion ? Or do they know better than the Christians in Canada ?

Winnipeg (Canada) – In the Canadian city of Winnipeg, the anger is growing over the discovery of the remains of hundreds of children in unmarked graves at former indigenous schools. It is said that the children in the graves were local tribal and they had died during the forced conversions. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had appealed to Pope Francis to apologise. Under these circumstances, enraged Canadians pulled down the statues of Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II.