National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) team attacked in Bengal

A case of Post-poll violence investigation in Bengal
The team claimed that the Police was hostile and made no efforts to help them.

  • The Government should now realise that the President’s rule is the only option left for Bengal where law and order has completely collapsed.
  • Is it not evident from the Police not protecting the Investigation team that the Trinamool Government promotes hooliganism ?
  • Will the Police which is not protecting the NHRC team from the goons ever protect the common citizens ? Such Police should be punished ?
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Kolkata – As per the instructions of the Kolkata High Court, NHRC appointed a Committee to investigate the post-poll violence. Atif Rasheed, a member of the NHRC team and President of National Minority Commission had complained that some of the members of the Committee were attacked in Kolkata. He felt that if they had to face such situation, what would be the plight of the common man. He further said that the Police did not protect us, whereas the Police claimed that they dispersed some people who were chanting slogans. BJP has criticised this attack and the Trinamool Congress has claimed that their party members were not involved in this attack. Atif Rasheed said that during the probe they found that more than 40 houses were destroyed in the Jadavpur area of Kolkata.