BJP adopted the same method to gain power as Hitler and Mussolini did !

Gilbert Sebastian, Assistant Professor of Central University of Kerala, spews venom against Hindus and pro-Hindu organisations !

  • Christian Professor’s ideological terrorism ! Such Professors brainwash students and provoke them against Hindus. Strict action is must against such people trying to disturb religious harmony !
  • Blinded by religion, these Christian Professors never speak about the nuns and children getting raped by Pastors or rising cases of misdeeds in the churches !
  • No wonder such religious fanatic Professors are roaming free under the Communist rule in Kerala !

Kasargod (Kerala) – An Assistant Professor in Central University of Kerala, Gilbert Sebastian, spewed venom against Hindus and pro-Hindu organisations during an online lecture. ‘BJP has adopted the method of using lucrative promises to gain power in India, as Hitler and Mussolini did in Germany and Italy respectively’, Gilbert Sebastian said during his lecture on ‘Socialism and Nazism’. (The world knows what happened to those who spoke against Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy. Had BJP been an authoritarian regime, would Sebastian have remained alive for speaking against it ? – Editor) Gilbert Sebastian is also the Secretary of the Central University of Kerala Teachers Association, (CUKTA) Kasaragod. A Post-Doctoral fellow from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Sebastian teaches in the Department of International Relations and Politics.

In his lecture, he also compared an auspicious Hindu symbol Swastik to the Hakenkreuz cross used by the Nazis.

RSS is a militant outfit of BJP !

He further said, ‘unlike other political formations, fascism uses semi-autonomous civil society groups as militant outfits. For example, the Blackshirts (Mussolini’s armed outfit, which was used to crush any opposition) in Italy and the Brown Shirts in Germany. Just exactly, RSS is BJP’s militant outfit. (Do these Professors who spew venom on patriot and pro-Hindu organisations, ever talk about Christian missionaries involved in fraudulent conversion of Hindus ? This incident reveals Christian Professor’s hatred towards RSS. RSS workers are being killed by the communists in Kerala. Sebastian should dare to speak against such communist and jihadi organisations ! – Editor)

North Indian Hindus are the root cause of atrocities against women in India, Sebastian alleges!

Sebastian claimed that the Hindus living in North India are the root cause of atrocities against women in India. He gave the example of the Nirbhaya case. He said one of the main accused used to perform pooja regularly. (Sebastian should talk about the church Pastors committing adultery who otherwise preach peace and love ! – Editor) “What kind of hypocrisy was that?” he added. (Religious fanatic Christians who talk about so-called hypocrisy in Hindus, do not utter a word against hypocritical Christians ! – Editor)