Inform the Mandir-Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh about every decision made regarding the temple to keep transparency in management! – Order by Deputy Commissioner of Religious endowment board

  • Outcome of the agitation staged by the Mandir Mahasangh!
  • Mandir Mahasangh invited to participate in Endowment board meeting to improve the management of Kolluru Temple Shrine!

Udupi (Karnataka) – Mr. Jay Prakash, Deputy Commissioner of Karnataka Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Board, has ordered the Kolluru Mookambika Temple Shrine Committee to inform the Mandir-Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh (Federation of Religious Institutions and Temples) about every decision being made regarding the temple in order to bring transparency in the temple management. Mr. Jay Prakash held meeting with the temple’s executive officer – Mr. Mahesh, Tehsildar, temple staff and an officer of land survey regarding social problems, movable and immovable assets of the temple, provisions to the pilgrims, disposal of dry and wet waste, etc. Mandir Mahasangh members – Mr. Madhusudan Aiyyar, Mr. Dinesh M P, Mr. Chandra Moger, Mr. Shrinivas, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) co-ordinator Mr. Vijay Kumar, member of HJS Mr. Vishwanath were among those who were invited to the meeting. .

Officials present at the meeting on Kalluru Mukambika Devasthan
  1. The Mandir Mahasangh held a press conference on 9th March about misappropriation of funds taking place in the Kolluru Temple.
  2. Approximately 10 days after the press conference, a meeting was fixed in Kolluru Mookambika Temple in the presence of Deputy Commissioner to address the problems faced by the common people. The representatives of the Mahasangh spoke with the Deputy Commissioner regarding the irregularities found in the report of Temple’s Accounts from 2005 to 2019. The Deputy Commissioner then rebuked the concerned officers and ordered them to take an appropriate action with immediate effect.

The fight will continue until all the issues are addressed and the management is brought back on track! – Guruprasad Gowda, Spokesperson, Mandir Mahasangh,  Karnataka

Mr. Guruprasad, the spokesperson for Mandir-Dharmik Sanstha Mahasangh, Karnataka said, ‘The Deputy Commissioner has responded favourably to our plea. However, the fight will continue until all the issues raised by us till now are addressed and the management is returned to normalcy’.