Assassinations of BJP workers in Assam and Madhya Pradesh

Who would expect that the BJP party workers get killed in a state ruled by their own party! Hindus feel that the Central and BJP-ruled state governments should make special efforts to protect all devout Hindus in the country!

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Guwahati (Assam) – Two BJP workers have been killed in Rewa in Madhya Pradesh and Tinsukia in Assam. BJP party booth president Devanand Gogoi was killed in Tinsukia district. Gogoi was stabbed to death outside his home. Joy Chandra Gogoi, a resident of the same village, has been arrested in this case.

In Naudhiya village in Madhya Pradesh, BJP village convener Surendra Tiwari was attacked and killed by more than six weapon wielding goons . Police are searching for the assailants.