Religious fanatic claims to be Hindu, traps and sexually abuses Hindu girl; arrested 

Since there is no law against love jihad in Jharkhand, the likelihood of strict action being taken against the religious fanatic is low. Hence, it is necessary that the Central Government passes a nationwide law against Love Jihad!

Dhanbad (Jharkand) – The police have arrested a man named Tipu Sultan in Patsimala village. He had given a fake name as ‘Satish Rai’ and converted a Hindu girl and also tried to marry her. Tipu Sultan is a 30 year old and a father of two children.

Tipu had lied to the young girl that he is an owner of a petrol pump and a distributor of ‘Horlicks’. He tried to lure her into marriage and also abused her sexually. On one occasion he showed a friend’s house and claimed it to be his own. He visited the girl’s village to get married to her. The villagers got suspicious and asked him his gotra. When Tipu faltered, they called the police. The police took him into custody and began an inquiry. On examining the True Caller on his cell phone, it was revealed that his name is Tipu Sultan. He spilled the beans and was arrested.