Perseverance lands successfully on Mars.

Washington DC – NASA, the US space agency has made a triumphant return to Mars. On 18th February, 2021, the Perseverance Mars rover landed successfully in the Jezero crater. Perseverance is the latest in a series of NASA Mars exploration missions. It also carries Ingenuity, a helicopter which will be a first attempt at powered flight on a foreign planet. The Mars rover sent its first images from Mars, which was shared by NASA on Twitter.

Images of Mars as sent by Rover

Space science attempts to find out about life on other planets. As per Hindu scriptures, ‘there are multiple universes and life exists in them’.  Saints, sages and spiritual persons have experienced it. If people on earth follow proper spiritual practuce, they too will be able to witness this. Science may not be able to achieve this in the next thousands of years.

Perseverance will attempt to

1. Identify environments that may harbour life

2. Identify past signatures of life

3. Collect rock and soil samples


4. Test oxygen production from martian atmosphere for sustaining future human colonies