Andhra Pradesh pastor that converted Hindus and created 699 Christ villages arrested

Accused of kicking idols of Hindu Gods

  • Those who fed the ‘all religions are equal’ narrative to the Hindus are quiet about this incident. Or do they condone it as a secular act ?
  • What more can one expect in a state governed by the Christian Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy? Do we see non-Hindus convert in states ruled by Hindu lawmakers? In fact, those embracing Hindu dharma face stiff opposition!
Pastor Praveen Chakraborty from left

Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) – Pastor Praveen Chakravarty has been arrested by the Andhra Pradesh police for kicking idols of Hindu Gods. This pastor has created 699 Christ villages in the state. The Legal Rights Protection Forum had complained to the central Home Minister against Praveen Chakravarty’s organisation called ‘Sylom Blind Center’ in the year 2019. (Although complaint was lodged in 2019, why was no action initiated?, The Home Ministry owes an explanation to the Hindus ! – Editor) The pastor has been booked under various sections related to creating enmity among religious groups, committing crime at religious places etc.

  1. The Legal Rights Protection Forum had shared  this pastor’s videos on social media in which he talks about his method of converting villages. In the videos he elaborates that first one pastor is called in to preach the Bible. Then some villager who believes that Jesus is the saviour, kicks idols of Hindu Gods and sacred trees. After that this village becomes a Christ village. He says he has kicked Hindu Gods and felt happy.
  2. In another video, while speaking with an American donor he is heard boasting thathe has 3,642 pastors and that they have made 699 Christ Villages.

(Courtesy: TV5 news)