COVID-19 treatment | SC allows homeopathy, AYUSH doctors to prescribe medicine

New Delhi – Upholding the Centre’s advisory issued on 6 th March, the Supreme Court has allowed qualified AYUSH doctors and homeopathy practitioners to prescribe medicines for treating COVID-19 patients. However, the doctors will have to ensure that the medicines they are prescribing are government approved tablets or concoctions and that these are being prescribed as add-on drugs along with conventional treatment for the novel coronavirus disease.

On 15 th December, the Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan also asked AYUSH doctors to make sure they are not advertising such concoctions as a cure. This  means, qualified Ayush doctors will only be allowed to prescribe medicines to COVID-19 patients as immunity boosters. During the hearings, the Centre had submitted before the Supreme Court that homeopathy doctors too can prescribe treatment to COVID-19 patients "as a preventive measure", but these & quot;cannot be termed as a cure".