36 British MPs back the ongoing farmers’ agitation in India

Write to the U.K. Foreign Secretary to intervene in this matter

 Who has given the right to the British MPs to intervene in India’s internal matters? Are they not aware that India is not under their rule anymore?

Labor MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi

London – The ten day old anti-Farm Law agitation by the farmers of Punjab and Haryana farmers at the Delhi borders has received support from 36 British MPs. Coordinated by British Labour Party MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, 36 British MPs have written to the U.K. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab regarding this matter. In the letter they have requested the British secretary to raise the matter of the new farm laws with India. They have appealed that the UK Foreign Ministry  should discuss the matter with the Indian government in favour of the agitating farmers.

Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi said that this is an issue of particular concern to Sikhs in the UK and those linked to the Punjab state. This law has its impact on other Indian states also.  Many British Sikhs and Punjabis have taken this matter up with their MPs, as their families in Punjab are going to be affected.

British MPs feel that India is still ruled by the Queen of Britain – BJP

BJP leader Atul Bhatkhalkar commented on this letter by the British MPs. He has tweeted that the 36 British MPs who are worried about the farmers’ agitation in India feel that India is still ruled by Queen Elizabeth of Britain. While asserting that India is capable of solving her own problems, he advised the British MPs to mind their own business.