By the order of Police officer Kaleem Khan, Police lathi-charge the immersion procession of Shri Durga Idol in Chhattisgarh

 A group of people pelt thrones at Police station for seizing their DJ-playing vehicle

  • Police which apply restrictions on Hindu’s religious processions are however always reticent during non-Hindu’s programmes ! It seems if a  by a mob protest  against the restrictions and lathi charge is made, that too when the in-charge officer is a religious fanatic, then the force behind the action is even stronger !
  • What else is expected to take place in a State where Congress is in power ? It would be an exaggeration to expect to reveal the truth in this incident !

Bilaspur (Chhattisgarh) – Police seized the DJ-playing vehicle of Telipara Durgotsav Samiti while the procession was passing by the city Police station on 27th October. The reason explained to seize the vehicle was that the DJ was played during the procession. The vehicle carrying Shri Durga Idol was also stopped. Even after the Samiti members pleaded to release the vehicle, the Police chose not to entertain their plea. This led to a clash between the group of people and the Police. As a result, someone from the group of people started pelting stones at Police Station. The Police by the order of Kaleem Khan then started lathi charge on the devotees.  This turned into sloganeering by the people against the Police.  Finally, additional Police force was deputed and the immersion of the Idol took place.

Police Inspector said, “Since the group of people entered Police station premises, lathi- charge had to be made to disperse the people. A video in this regard is also available.’ Superintendent of Police Umesh Kashyap said that action would be taken against those who entered the Police premises.